Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Random observations... aka my first post

I always start blogs and such with high aspirations, but after a few posts, I never do too well with them. So, if you're reading this and haven't seen an update in a few light-years, don't give up hope. I have not been abducted by aliens, run over by a tractor, or choked to death on a D20 (well, hopefully not - I found out the other night that I can fit seven D20s in my mouth - such is the price of boredom at the gaming table when your players get up to use the restroom). This is not the first blog I've ever done (and it probably won't be the last), so I know the drill. It's not finding time to blog... it's finding things to blog about. After a while I just get bored. I'll try not to, though. Maybe if I run out of things to write about I'll just post random observations about things I find on the internet and in my world.

That being said... since I can't think of anything of real merit to write about... on with the random observations.

I've noticed, I have a certain internet routine I follow on weekdays during lunch. The same websites in the same order every day. It's kind of comforting. Here's the routine (if you're interested, if not, why the hell are you still reading this? Go Google something!):

1. - this is where I hit the comics for the day. I always read Dilbert, Get Fuzzy (Bucky cracks me up), Pearls Before Swine, Foxtrot (damn that Scott Adams for going to an only-Sunday publication), and the never-ending soap opera saga of For Better or For Worse. Yeah, I know, I know. It's lame. But for some reason I just can't stop reading the damn thing. And besides, it's really the only cutesy mainstream vice I have, so sue me. As for the others - my favorite comic of all time, Calvin and Hobbes, is out of publication so I have to find my comic fix somewhere.

2. - this is the blog of one of my favorite writers, Poppy Z. Brite. She lives in New Orleans, and went through the whole Katrina thing. She updates on a daily basis (most days). It's a good read, though lately she's been very down as she's still having to deal with post-K bullshit and chronic sciatica pain for which there's really no cure other than expensive, exploratory surgery. Still, I find it fascinating to peek into this woman's life every day. She's very open about everything and after reading her blog for a few weeks, you feel like you know her (don't worry, I'm not a stalker, I just think it's cool).

3. - Come on, it's not all brain candy. We have to stay informed, right? I usually scan the headlines and see if there's anything of interest. Usually I try to find something interesting in the science category, and if not, the entertainment listings. You never know. I'm an astronomy nut and a movie freak, so either of these blurb-collections might reap something good.

4. - This is my favorite movie site on the internet. They have daily movie rumors and gossip, a weekly movie reviewer and a feature called The Buzz Bin, which gives a week's worth of info on upcoming movies. As I said, I'm a movie freak (I own over 300 movies on DVD and VHS), so this is a fun site for me.

5. - Yeah, I can't help it. I don't update my page much, but I do check my bulletin board and see if I have messages. If I have a little extra time, I see if any of my friends have updated their pages or uploaded new pictures. If you're interested, my page is There's not much to see, but I do have some pics, and a couple of fluff-type blog entries.

If I have time left over, I randomly surf. Sometimes I check the bank balance, sometimes I check email, sometimes I shuffle through and try to find something of interest. And something that's not just lunchtime - I always have my music up, through Yahoo! launchcast. If you want to check out my station, my user name is arethronok.

Anybody got some good sites that they visit on a regular basis? I'm curious...

And what's all this "arethronok" stuff, you ask? Maybe I'll detail it in another blog entry...

...but for now, I gotta get back to work. *sigh*


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