Monday, January 22, 2007

Brain Delimmas, cont'd.

You know I like how Livejournal groups their journal entries by the day, and doesn't separate them out individually. With that thought being voiced, we move on to the next entry about the SC moving debate...

A friend of mine in South Carolina read my earlier post and sent me an email about it. This is what she had to say:

When it comes to matters such as these I want you to remember one thing: People first, THEN MONEY, then things. That is one of Suze Orman's mottos and it has really helped me with decisions such as these. It is absolutely true that if you are unhappy then you could make billions of dollars and it wouldnt mattter. You know all this, though.

And aside from money I can see where you're coming from, too. I think of you and Erin (my girlfriend) as an island up there. And while it is important as a couple for you to establish yourselves as a unit in your community, and a free standing operation-are you sure you need to be in Indianapolis to do that? I think if anything being in the South would be a good challenge. Sure southerners arent as gay-friendly as northerners, but who cares? I mean, isnt that just categorizing and stereotyping those you wish not to receive judgment from? I feel that if we dont give our communities the chance to be supportive, then how will we all grow?

In my email reply, I said:

Indianapolis is a great town, and I do really like it a lot. It's got a lot more than Greenville in the terms of culture, and people, and jobs, and food, and musical venues, etc, etc, but... I've been here for two and a half years, almost, and it still doesn't seem like home to me. I kind of feel like I'm just staying here, like someone who's renting an apartment or a hotel room, and waiting for something else to happen. Just because I don't feel very attached to a city doesn't mean I don't admire it, though, and see the differences between it and Greenville. But again... you could stay in the damn Grand Palace Resort every day, but if all you do there is exist, what's the point of staying?

I think it comes down to that life is too short to waste on concepts of things like a steady job that will help you pay your bills, if that job means you lead a gray existence. Erin and I make each other really happy, but we're the only close friends we have up here. And that gets REALLY exhausting on a relationship.

I don't know if I really love this town, or if I just like what it has to offer. Greenville would be close to all our friends and family (Spread throughout Atlanta, Lyman, Greenville, Gray Court, Charlotte, and Florence).

She brings up a good point about helping communities to grow... shoulda told her that. Anyway, just wanted to post some more thoughts about the topic.



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