Monday, August 11, 2008

Ten Things I Did This Weekend

1. Went to the doctor and got some nifty new prescriptions.

2. Went bowling with a few Upstate Geeks at the bowling center in Taylors. I suck at bowling, didn’t break a hundred in either game, but it was a good time.

3. Did Power Hour with Shaggy, Avery, Crunchy, Sarah, Jo and Leigh. Got super-smashed.

4. Played with my new laptop and made my first new playlist, “The First Time”. I was drunk when I made it, but it’s still good.

5. Got up early on Saturday and went to the Saturday Art Market so I could help out with the Fissure booth. Walked around and made a lot of new contacts. Was given the title of “Marketing Director” for Fissure by 11 AM – ha!

6. Went back to the house and talked to Gail for a long time about all kinds of things, not the least of which were Fissure, drugs, and rock n roll.

7. Went to Vampire. Played for a bit; got sick and went home. Beh! Crashed upon arrival. Slept ‘til noon the next day.

8. Watched The Host, a great Korean horror flick, with Shaggy. I highly recommend.

9. Took a nap. Caught up on my sleep and let my body heal itself as best I could.

10. Planned for this weekend’s party – Laborpendence Day! Made lists of things that have to be done. Worked on plans for drinks, decorations and games.

This was the most productive lazy weekend I’ve had in forever. Whoo!


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