Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A woman in the White House?

Reading over my blog from yesterday I see that Blogspot DOES separate things by day like Livejournal, there's just not a bold heading stating the date like there is on Livejournal. So, sorry Blogspot. MY BAD!!

That retraction being made, on to the next fun-filled blog entry...

As I was out of it all this weekend, I didn't learn until yesterday evening that there's a new candidate in town that's running for president... HILLARY!! HOLY CRAP! Now, I know that some of you guys out there *cough*DNR*cough* are dyed in the wool republicans and wouldn't cross the street to piss on Hillary if she was on fire. And hey, that's cool. That's what being in America is supposed to be about, right? (Note that I say "supposed to be" in that sentence... here lately I think that America has lost sight of what we're all about besides A) being mad at each other, B) getting the last word in and being right, C) making more money in a month than a resident of a third-world nation sees in five years, and D) screwing or stepping on anyone who gets in the ways of our personal, professional or political goals... but I'm not really all THAT opinionated in the matter. Sorry about the mini-rant, but I just get so disgusted with us sometimes.)

I'm excited that she's running. If she makes it through the primaries and all the way to the big show in '08, I'll most likely vote for her. Who am I kidding... of course I'll vote for her. A female president?! Will it really happen?! I just don't know... I think there's a chance, but I don't know if the general populace is ready for someone like Hillary to lead our country.

I have no idea what her stance is on the issues I'm really concerned with (at the top of the list is the war and gay marriage), and of course I'll research this before I make my final decision to vote. I'm just crossing all my fingers and hoping that America is ready to at least give her a chance to get all the way through to that last huge three-ring political circus that is election year. And wouldn't it be a fabulous final fuck-you to Dubya if she wins? YEAH!!

I also heard on the news last night that there are four key states that the politicians are really focusing on, because they could turn the tide of electoral votes in a way that hasn't been done before, and guess what one of them is? Yep, you guessed it... South Carolina. Now, SC has been a red state for a long time, but due to the increasing number of African-American voters, those statistics are slowly but surely changing... and SC might actually swing to the democratic side of the fence for '08. I'll believe it when I see it (South Carolina has always been by and large republican, for as long as I can remember), but it's still nice to think that my home state might actually be influential in the election. I don't feel like my democratic vote counts for much in Indiana, a state that voted 67% republican in '04. What was the SC percentage you ask? Much more slim... 51% republican, 49% democrat. Maybe they'll actually change with this election... well, I can dream, can't I?

Well, that's all for Tuesday's politics talk. I feel a little pretentious posting about politics on my journal, especially considering I don't talk about it much at all, but I'm really excited about Hillary's campaign. Wheeee!! Regardless of the outcome, this is gonna be fun!



At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Shelainearoonie said...

I'm excited about the '08 election too! Its going to be really interesting, as so many Democrats are going to be running initially.
I personally hope that Barack Obama does decide to run. We have the same birthday! And did I tell you that my mom has met Hillary? I bet you're shocked....

At 12:58 PM, Blogger B Matthews said...

I had no idea your mom had met Hillary. I wonder if she really is as much of a cast-iron bitch as she comes off as? Regardless, I like her. She's kind of like Martha Stewart and Diane Keaton and Linda Hamilton from Terminator all rolled up into one strange creature in my brain.

I don't know much about Obama other than the few blurbs I've seen on the evening news... I'll have to look him up.


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