Monday, November 26, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy Holidays, all.

Thanksgiving was good. I ended up hanging out with my cousin and sister while the rest of the family watched some Ben Stiller movie. I hate Ben Stiller, and I hate trite movies like Night at the Museum, so I was happy to have a little black sheep time with my cousin and sister. Andrew and I have always been the black sheep of the family, so it was nice to graze together for a bit, ha. The meal was great, made strange only by the lack of family members that had been there for most of my life. I know my grandmother's been gone for a few years now, but I still miss her like crazy sometimes, especially on days like Thanksgiving.

After dinner I put on my pea coat and walked around outside. The house is still the same as it always was, though my uncle has been continually updating it so it's not quite as rustic (read: falling down) as it was when I was a kid. My grandfather literally built that house with his bare hands, hauling river rocks from nearby Allen's Creek to make the foundation. It's big and old and filled with the memories and ghosts of all the people that have lived there over the years. The house sits on about eight acres on the side of a mountain, and I walked all over those acres in the deepening twilight, a cold mist hanging in the air. The grass was brown and the mountains crowding down around me were a solemn, steely charcoal color. It got progressively colder and colder and I was thankful for my sweater and pea coat. Then, as I passed the old falling apartments that are set on the back side of the property, I saw movement through a dirty window, and realized that my sister and Andrew were hiding inside. I went into the building to join them, and found that they'd made a cozy little place with a space heater and cushy armchairs. Andrew played his drums a little and we all just talked and relaxed. It was great, and that feeling of coming in from the cold - literally and emotionally at the same time - was amazing.

Erin and I decorated the inside of our house yesterday - lighted garland on the banister and mantel, and we put up our Christmas tree. We're going to put up lights on the outside of the house too, but we didn't have time yesterday. I need to figure out what I'm getting people for Christmas - the time draweth nigh. I'm getting excited about the holiday - especially with New Year's coming up, this year the holidays are going to be great, I just know it.

Oh yeah, our New Year's party! We're going to squeeze a bunch of people into our tiny little house and party our booties off. It's going to be BYOB, but Erin and I will be providing a champagne toast for our guests at midnight. We're also going to be doing some appetizers and snacks. I'm all excited about it. At least three of our friends from Florence are going to be driving up, and a friend from Charlotte, and a few people from around here. There will be drinks, dancing, toasts - an all-around good time.

Back to work, constantly dreaming of the upcoming festivities... cheers!


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