Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crap and Wraps (but not at the same time)

We've been in the new house for about three weeks now, and we're still navigating through a sea of boxes; about two thirds of them have been unpacked. It's at this point that I have begun lamenting that I am not of the wizardly world of Harry Potter. I'm sure there has to be some kind of spell to open the boxes, pull everything out and unwrap it, put it away neatly, and get rid of the trash in about twenty minutes or so. If you're Albus Dumbledore, that is.

Things are currently slightly crappy: it's rainy and humid and my computer is broken, we're broke, my insomnia is kicking my ass again and we're both sniffly (not sure if that's allergies or an incubating cold, though). I haven't written anything new in three weeks and my muse has currently turned her back on me (bitch). On the plus side, I made vegetable pesto wraps for a pitch-in at work and they went over VERY well. See below for the recipe:

Vegetable Pesto Wraps

6 sun-dried tomato tortillas
6 oz. whipped cream cheese
3 oz. pesto
2 tomatoes, sliced into strips and seeded
2 cups raw mushrooms, sliced
4 cups baby spinach leaves

Spread cream cheese evenly over tortilla. Make a 1" (approx) line of pesto in the center of the tortilla, bisecting the cream cheese. Put tomatoes and mushrooms over the line of pesto. Cover in baby spinach. Roll into wrap. Use cream cheese to seal the wrap to itself. Cut wrap into 3/4"-1" size pieces. Makes 30-35 wraps.

People at my new job aren't as receptive to food as people at my old job (at Indy, pitch-ins were kind of like dropping a box of hot dogs into an alligator pit - you set your food down and walked away as quickly as possible, trying to show no fear, as predators can smell such things). Here it's much more casual and people don't go nuts about food, but these wraps have disappeared fairly quickly, and everyone's talking about how much they like them, which qualifies as a big hit. Of course, back in Indiana, they'd have been gone in about fifteen minutes... *sigh*. Sometimes I really do miss Indy... LOL!

Has anyone been watching Heroes, season 2? I'm enjoying it, but it doesn't seem quite as good as last season. Of course I stared in rapt silence at the TV for all 47 minutes of its story last night, so I really don't have much room to complain.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger DNR said...

Wraps sound good. I can’t ‘visualize’ how food will taste so.. you’ll have to make them next time your up or if I ever get down there.

You should have seen the ‘hog trough’ in PC last week... OMG!!! Two b-days in 3 days... the spread covered two tables and had overflowed to space at an empty desk. There was at least 20# of meatballs, and bithcy-tits (lol, just make that up!! Not your old boss... hummm what to call her??) made some huge taco salad that was surprisingly good. I had two plates!! *swells chest with pride* So much for my diet.

HEROS - yeah, something is missing this year. Almost like there isn’t a complete story yet. Still building all of little side and independent sorties. I hate the fact that everyone came back. Thought for sure slyer would be GONE.
And what is with the to Mexican kids... weird
BTW - I think I’m two weeks behind (DVR, don’tyaknow) hope to catch up tonight.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger B Matthews said...

::sigh:: How I miss Indy pitch-ins. They really know how to do it up right. Here it's kind of pitiful compared to the spreads I'm used to... ah well. It's probably better for my waistline that the new place isn't quite as calorie-oriented.

I was actually happy to see Sylar, but I'm a villian whore. I just don't feel as engaged with each storyline as I did last season. Niki gets on my nerves, bigtime. And I was yelling, literally YELLING at the TV last night because Parkman did something RIDICULOUSLY stupid. You'll see when you catch up on stuff. I bet it's gonna get REALLY good soon. I'm just worried about next season...



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