Friday, October 19, 2007

Geographical Perspective Lists

Why I miss Indianapolis:

1. My friends at Indy Lighting.
2. Real fall weather and the possibility of actual snow in the wintertime.
3. The Children's Museum, Keystone Art Cinema and Hannah Haunted Acres.
4. Being in a big city (well, big relative to the one I'm in).
5. Trader Joe's.
6. Being three hours from Chicago.
7. Radio stations that actually play indie rock (i.e. WTTS).
8. Being nine hours removed from family drama.
9. Our apartment complex, including its fitness center, beautiful lake view and constantly maintained facilities.
10. The Claddagh, Bella Pizza, and Chipotle.

Why I don't miss Indianapolis:

1. Endless gray suicide thought-inducing winters.
2. Being stuck in a human filing cabinet with 400 other people so I can't do what I want at 2 am.
3. My non-friends at Indy Lighting, including my ridiculous excuse for a supervisor.
4. Having to drive 45 minutes to an hour to get to the other side of the city.
5. Driving in ice and snow.
6. Gas prices.
7. Being so far away from my family.
8. Veterinary highway robbery.
9. Completely insane weather, including (but not limited to) tornadoes, golf ball sized hail, blizzards, and random sonic booms.
10. Lack of culture, artistic and culinary creativity in anything but mass-produced predictable chunks.

Why I'm glad to be back in Greenville:

1. Close to the fam.
2. Well-paying job.
3. Gas prices.
4. Incredible restaurants, including the Pita House (yay!).
5. Within sane driving distance of best friends.
6. Living in a HOUSE where I can play my music as loud as I want at 2 am.
7. No winter insanity of attempting to drive in snow and ice and risking life and limb for my stupid job.
8. Reasonable, caring vets that don't make you take out a mortgage for pet treatment.
9. SFH - Southern Fuckin' Hospitality.
10. Living in a creative, artistic town that promotes art, food, culture, and good times.

Why I'm not glad to be back in Greenville

1. October 19th, 2007 - forecasted high for the day is in the eighties. (But Global Warming is a bunch a' hooey. Right.)
2. No art cinema or Trader Joe's.
3. Baptists, bigots and bitches/bastards bullying you for THE LORD.
4. Proliferance of republicans.
5. Liquor stores closing at 7 pm sharp.
6. Two words: FAMILY. DRAMA.
7. Lack of oddballs in the workplace.
8. Charter Cable. THEY SUCK.
9. Killing spiders, unclogging toilets, and cutting my own grass.
10. ...still trying to think of #10... guess that means Greenville wins this round... HA!


At 7:41 AM, Blogger Little Miss Scare All said...

I miss Bella and Yats. I miss the Pho-ness. Also I miss Brusters because they put actual cake icing in their ice cream. YYYYEYAYYAYEYAYEAY. Im glad you guys are settling in nicely. Elliott is having his first trip to NYC right now.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger DNR said...

Very nice!!!

At 11:12 AM, Blogger B Matthews said...

I forgot about Yat's... yum... we've had Pho a few times since we've been here, but not Pho 99, it's called Fast Food and it's REALLY good. I hope Elliot is enjoying his trip to NYC!!

DNR, eat some more pizza for me!!


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