Monday, August 13, 2007

Houses and Moving and Cats... oh my!

Greetings programs!! (TRON reference, heh)

I’ve had a request from one of my faithful readers to update, so here it is. Thanks for the email, DNR – you made me feel missed, and special. :-D

First, the good news… WE FOUND A HOUSE!! Yippeeee!!! It’s a rental, and it’s perfect – it’s in the Augusta Road area of Greenville, which is nice but not too expensive (but that may change in a few years). It really kind of reminds me of a little English cottage. It’s incredibly cute – I may post some pictures soon. It’s two stories, with a little deck in the back and flower boxes under most of the windows. There is a green ivy pattern stenciled in paint on the mailbox, on the door to the storage shed behind the house, and the slats going around the sides of the deck. Inside, it’s kind of old, but it has LOTS of character. Hardwood floors, a fireplace, a teeny little kitchen and a breakfast nook. Upstairs, there’s a bedroom under the eaves, two dormer windows with window seats, and a tiny little room that’s going to be my office (you know where I might write something once in a while). The rent is a little less than what we were paying for the apartment in Indy, which is nice. And a washer and dryer are included in the cost of the rent.

The only drawback to the house is that we can’t move in until October 1st – the current residents won’t be out until the week before then, and the landlord wants to fix some things up before we get in there. It’s not a big deal so much, because we have places to stay and a place to put all our stuff that’s free. Also, Normandy’s mom has agreed to take care of our cats for the month. But still, I’M SO READY TO GET IN THERE!! 53 days and counting…

So, aside from that, things are going pretty much the same down here. The job is going well, though they STILL haven’t decided exactly where to put me yet. I’ve been helping out where it’s needed, but I still don’t have my own customers or responsibilities. However, I’ve stopped lamenting it so much, as I’ve realized that I should just enjoy this time where I’m kind of floating around, doing whatever, not shitting bricks and stressed to the eyeballs because I have five billion things to do and none of them are done yet. This has probably changed because an end to my non-assigned status is in sight – a person is transferring into the department to help, and when she comes we’ll probably both be given assigned responsibilities. Which is good.

Erin’s coming down next weekend. Her school starts the 20th, so she has to come down before we move all our stuff from Indy (on Labor Day weekend). It’ll be good to have her in the same town. She’s staying with her grandmother for the next few weeks, just to help out and be there for her. In return, she gets free room and board and we get a place (her grandmother’s two car garage) to put our stuff in while we wait for the new house to be ready for us to move in.

My dad’s birthday is today, and we’re going to the Japanese restaurant to celebrate. Yum! I’ve been doing all kinds of stuff, mainly on the weekends. Saturday night I stayed out all night with my friends Sarah and Crunchy. It was a good time. I’m glad that I’ve got a couple of people to hang out with, but it’ll be SO nice when Erin gets down here.

Wow, that was an incredibly random paragraph, wasn’t it? Time to get back to work…

Take care, all!


At 5:24 PM, Blogger DNR said...

Hey, you are missed!!

Glad you are doing well. Congrats on the house, if you really see it going up in value, maybe, just maybe you can buy it.

That’s a great attitude on the ‘no assigned responsibilities’ we so often wish our lives away. Right now you can be learning so much about how the office works (politics and yes every place has them), who’s cool and whose not.

If this is all it takes for a post, I’ll be hitting you up every week or so, so keep the posts coming.

Take care!

PS: Have you see “PHO TOG”??


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