Thursday, June 21, 2007


It’s been almost a week since I posted, and I wanted to let everyone know how the job situation was going.

The reason I haven’t posted is because I hadn’t heard anything… believe me, it was making me crazy, waiting and waiting and waiting. I can’t concentrate on anything for more than about fifteen seconds, and I keep staring at my cell phone, willing it to ring…

Hubbell called me today. They told me that they’re in the process of doing background checks, and all they really need to complete the process is my high school diploma. Once they have that, they should be getting in touch with me about an offer. The HR lady I spoke to today said they were already working up paperwork for the offer letter, but they can’t make it official until all the background check stuff comes back okay.

So, everything looks good… I should hear something definitive soon. I’m not setting off the fireworks yet because I haven’t gotten the offer yet… I want to wait until it’s official to celebrate. After all, they like to promote from within, and there’s always a chance that some random person in customer service sees the posting and decides that they want to go for it… so I’m just being cautiously joyous at this point, not all-out rampant dancing on the desk in my underwear with sparklers joyous. (But when it comes to that point, I’ll be sure to take pictures…)

Stay tuned for the next episode in the continuing saga!

Take care, all!



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