Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Monday!

What a beautiful day it is here in Indianapolis… sunny, high of 82 degrees, and my boss is out of the office for the next three days… ahhhhh. Is there anything better than having free reign in your office? When the cat’s away… heh heh heh… The thing is, we still get our work done just as we would if she were here… it’s just totally relaxed, we do what we want while getting our work done, and we’re not worried about someone breathing down our necks about every tiny thing that comes into her mind… anyway, I’m gonna enjoy the next couple of days.

I had a good weekend. Friday night we had sushi – one of my favorites. Our local place is called Asaka, and it’s a little hole in the wall place with about ten tables and a sushi bar. They have some of the best sushi I’ve ever had… I got most of my favorites on Friday: tempura asparagus roll, tuna roll, maguro tuna and super white tuna nigiri, and gyoza. TASTY!! Then we drove around for a long time, talking… we ended up at Talbott for about twenty minutes… then we headed home. Saturday we were relatively productive until about three, then we napped like cats in the sunshine and woke up about four hours later, LOL! I don’t feel too guilty about it as we have both been sleeping like shit and we needed the rest. Sunday we packed a picnic and went to Eagle Creek park for the afternoon. It was great – we had a lot of good stuff in our picnic basket (hummus and pita chips, bruschetta, fresh berries, sandwiches on ciabatta bread), it was a beautiful day, and we found a great little patch of shade in the park where we could sit and rest and have our lunch. Nice!

Ten days until Shane comes to visit… I’m like a little kid, I’m so excited. We have all this stuff planned… movies, a trip to Chicago and the Art Institute, lots of great restaurants, an RPG… we’re gonna have such a great time. I can’t WAIT!! Although we still do have some cleaning to do before we can have a guest for six days, LOL… nothing major, just straightening up and vacuuming, etc. I’m just bouncing in my chair, I can’t wait for his visit. It’s gonna be great!

I need to put up a new pic of Max so you guys can see how he’s grown… he’s getting SO BIG! And he’s still crazy, but sweet. I love him to death. I can’t wait for our friends from Greenville (coming up to visit in August) to meet him. They’re bringing their new baby, and I can’t wait to meet him either! I love having things like that to look forward to… visits from friends, movies, the state fair (in August), whatever… it helps the long days go by faster when I can say, “only this many more days until (insert event here)”. Helps me not to be so bored. Ya know?

Anyway, hope everyone’s doing well. Happy Monday!



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