Monday, April 09, 2007

Friday's Feast # 138

Didn't get a chance to do this on Friday, as I was out of town...

Feed your Blog with Friday's Feast!

Appetizer: When you travel, which mode of transportation do you prefer?
It depends on where I'm going. I love boats and planes. Flying is awesome. The ferries to the outer banks of NC are always fun. But mostly I drive - or Erin drives. We've definitely put some miles on our respective cars, with all our driving to SC!

Soup: Have you ever met a blogging friend in person?
I see one of my blogging buddies every day, and I have several blog friends that I knew before their blogs. I don't think I've met a blog buddy that I've known exclusively through the internet, though (hope that thought made sense).

Salad: When was the last time you were really, really tired?
I have insomnia a lot, so really, really tired is kind of irrelevant to me. However, I do remember one of the tiredest I've ever been - we drove to SC, down to Myrtle Beach, and back to Indy all in about 48 hours. Talk about exhausting! I used to sleep a lot less a couple of years ago, and I would go out and sleep in my car on my lunch breaks - that's really, really tired. Also, when my mother had open heart surgery I stayed up for about 48 hours straight - I either refused to sleep while she was in surgery, or I just couldn't sleep because I was so worried about her. I crashed after those two days and slept for quite a while.

Main Course: If you could have dinner with any one fictional character from a book or movie, who would it be?
Roland Deschain from Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.

Dessert: Fill in the blank: One day, I hope to see _______________.
Peace in the world, and people be accepted by ALL for who they are regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.


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