Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mommy’s head is not a springboard.

Try telling that to the new kitty, who has decided that I am his personal jungle gym/playground/amusement park. This morning he jumped on my head three times in five minutes. I took the opportunity to grab him and snuggle him good. He’s a very good kitty, and he will be still and quiet and snuggly and sweet all night while his moms are sleeping. But the minute the alarm goes off, watch out! We’ve been still and quiet for far too long! It’s time to PLAY!! What is this “snooze button” that you speak of? Don’t you know it’s MORNING TIME?! Bounce, bounce, bounce bounce bounce bounce… rattle rattle of plastic bag… BOUNCE! POUNCE! GOOD MORNING, MOMMY!!!

LOL! I love my new kitty. He might be overly rambunctious, and I might want to choke him when he bounces my head fifteen minutes before time to get up, but he’s very lovey and very sweet and REALLY smart and hilarious, too. I still haven’t made his name gel in my head yet, though. We’ve been calling him Max, and he’ll probably stay Max, but some part of me is leaning towards Sam, as in Samwise Gamgee… I just don’t know if he’s a Sam or not. Too bad we don’t have a house, I’d love to have another kitten for him to play with. Then we could name the new one Sam and let my brain take a rest… ha!

The other cats are still adjusting. We’ve started putting their food bowl on one side of the door and his on the other so they’re forced to be in close proximity to each other for at least a little while. They’re not pleased. Something that’s simultaneously good and worrisome is that he doesn’t seem to be phased by them at all. This is a good thing, as we don’t want him to be stressed out, but I would also like for him to have a healthy respect for a creature that’s four times his size with razor sharp talons that could rip him into tiny little pieces if she wanted (Dioji). I’m just looking forward to the time that we can actually have our house back to normal, without having to be careful about the bedroom door being closed or not. I think that once he has the run of the house he’ll be more tolerable in the mornings as well.

OK, that’s enough cat talk.

Only a week and a half until our trip to SC! I’m so looking forward to our get-together. The last one we had was awesome. While this won’t be as big or involved, there are a lot of people that are coming that I can’t wait to see. Also, who doesn’t want to get shitfaced with their friends? I mean, come on! It’s a PARTY!!! It’ll also be nice just to get out of this town and back to the South for a little while. It’ll help me remember why we’re still contemplating moving down there. We MISS OUR FRIENDS. I miss the South, too, but mainly it’s the people that make the place for me.

Hell, I’ve gotta get back to work. *sigh* One day, ONE DAY I swear I’ll be independently wealthy and then I can blog all day long if I want. Not that I’d be able to find something to blog that much about, but hey, I can dream right? And while I’m dreaming… how about that f’ing pony?!?



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