Thursday, January 25, 2007

Responsibility Boot Camp

Evidently we're getting relatively serious about the idea of moving to SC. Erin and I have been talking about it for the past few days, kicking around ideas about money, and time, and when we'd like to move, and how, and to where, etc. Last night we sat up until 12:30 looking at house listings online. We found a couple that were ok, but nothing that stands out in a serious way. Erin's mom has a very good realtor, though, and I'm sure that if we're serious about moving into a house she can help us out. Right now we're looking in the Greenville area and there are a lot of options for us to choose from.

I still can't decide if we're completely serious about this or if we're looking at it as some kind of escape hatch... We're lonely up here, and we miss our friends and family, so it's natural to be thinking of better places and better times. The more I think about it, though, the more right it seems to be. I think I was meant to be in the South. I have always been a Southerner, and always will be - I haven't lost a bit of that since moving to Indiana. If nothing else, it's actually gotten stronger - I have an SC state flag sticker on my desk at work, and one of my favorite polos has the palmetto and the moon on it, and my truck has one of those stickers on it too. Every time I see these things it makes me happy.

Last night I said to Erin, "This move to Indiana and the last two years has been like responsibility boot camp". And it really has. Before I moved up here I was a totally different person... completely irresponsible with money, jobs, people. When I moved up here, I shredded my safety net. I couldn't rely on anyone but myself when it came to money, or finding a job, or dealing with friends and family. It was the ultimate sink-or-swim situation. For a while there I really did struggle to keep my head above that proverbial water (*cough*BroadRipple*cough*), but now I've made it past the difficulties and am doing well with maintaining my life. That's something I was never able to make myself do for any long period of time while I was in SC. Now that I've been doing it for so long, I can't imagine living the way I used to. Now that I have the habits in place, and the emotional and mental tools needed to live a responsible lifestyle, I think I would do well in South Carolina. I think I might actually even thrive. I think I might finally be able to be that person I've been trying to be for so long.

Well, maybe.



At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Shelainearoonie said...

I guess sometimes you have to step back (or move) from something in order to truly appreciate it.
I know that you'll make the right decision, whatever it is. :) We certainly would like to see more of you guys. Just leave the llama!


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