Friday, February 02, 2007

Fridays are the longest days in the universe.

Unless, of course, you are on vacation, and then they're like any other day.

This is why I normally hate blogging: I start off with the best intentions, keep up with it for a couple of weeks, then realize I can think of nothing to write about, so I avoid it like the plague for a few weeks/months. Then I feel guilty and post song lyrics to make it look like I care. So, here's some inanity for you. It may not be much, but at least it's not song lyrics.

Today I am counting the minutes (nay... the seconds!) until five o'clock, and honestly I'm wondering if time isn't actually moving backwards. I swear, it was four thirty a few minutes ago...

Erin got a new job. Hooray! My only concern is that her hours will be starting 7:30 am every morning, and my girl is not well known for being a morning person. Which probably stems from the fact that she's not. At all. Ever. I think I may buy a coffee maker with a timer on it, so there will be coffee ready when we wake up in the morning. Last night we had a giggly conversation in bed (one of my favorite types of conversations) about how she will need to stop at Starbuck's every morning and consume all the espresso in the building to stay awake throughout the day. (Give me an espresso pound cake, soaked in espresso, with espresso icing, and wrapped in a box made of espresso beans! And while you're at it, boil a shot of espresso until it becomes espresso sludge, take the spoonful of sludge and mix it into a double shot of espresso for me! WHEEEEE!!!)

I just composed an entire paragraph about snowflakes and then deleted it. I think it's time to stop blogging for the day. I'm putting a leash on myself (kinky).



At 2:20 PM, Blogger Shelaine said...

Those timer coffee makers can be a lifesaver. All you have to do is pour (if you can manage that). You can have mine. I gave up coffee. I've found that I have enough energy for an entire family of 5. I bounce off walls good! Did I tell you that I gave up coffee? Sometimes its good but some people dont need it and it can give you a headache the next day and I found that I dont like headaches and that I have too much energy during the day and that what I really need is a padded cell. OOOOO every home should have one for those especially BOUNCY MOOD DAYS.
OK!!!!! WOOO!!!!! ALRIGHT!!!!!


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