Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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For the past couple of days I've been stuck in a tiny little room at work because over the weekend we had a flood at the office. The room we're in is just a little bit bigger than a small closet, and there's five of us in here. I am currently typing this on a laptop (JESUS I hate laptop keyboards - screws my touch typing all to hell) and sitting at a tiny little table covered in wires from the phone, computer and fans around me. Yes - it's snowing, the high today is 18 degrees, and I am surrounded by fans. I always wanted a bunch of fans around me, but this isn't what I was thinking of.

So the Colts are going to the Super Bowl. I think we are actually going to watch it this year. Erin's originally from Chicago, so she'll yell for the Bears. Against my will, I have started liking the Colts (a few weeks ago, I found myself yelling at the TV: "RUN, Marvin!! RUN, RUN, RUN!!!"). We're going to do the whole beer/mini pizzas/piglets in a blanket thing. And those commercials! I think I'm more looking forwad to the commercial breaks than the actual game itself. Regardless, it should be a fun time. I wish that our company would be like the Catholic schools in Florida and give us Monday off to recuperate. I plan on drinking a shit-TON of beer.

Colts fever has overtaken the city. Everywhere you look something is blue. Businesses have changed out the regular white lights that highlight their offices at night and made them blue. People are wearing all kinds of Colts stuff, cars are decorated all over, and the governor even decreed that a Colts flag be flown on the State House, along with the state flag and the American flag. (Allow me to be sour and cynical about our country for a moment and reflect that that particular display seems to have our nation's priorities outlined with perfect accuracy - country, state, pro football. WOOOO HOOO! GO AMERICA! WE ARE ROCK STARS!) But anyway, this town has gone nuts. If we win, there may be riots. LOL!

It's cold as hell here and it keeps snowing in little bursts. I love the winter cold and snow; it's one of the things I will sorely miss if we decide to move back to SC. While the Hoosiers bitch about it, I just kind of sit back and smile and think about 70 degree Christmas Eves and bright, sunshiny Thanksgivings and warm, mild New Year's Eve nights where you could go outside, drunk as hell, and smoke a cigarette in your short-sleeved shirt and not have to worry about freezing to death. It's nice I guess... but I do love cold and snow and wintery days. STUPID GLOBAL WARMING! Dammit, I want some real snow!!! I want to make snow angels and build a snowman! I want a snow day from work! GRRRR!!!



At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Val said...

Ironically, it's supposed to snow tonight here in SC. :P

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Dazd said...

Nice site...here via DNR.

Go Colts!!! Can't go wrong there. lol

At 12:48 PM, Blogger B Matthews said...

Yes... GO COLTS!!! Thanks for the comment, Dazd!

Val, enjoy the snow for me!!


At 4:11 PM, Anonymous val said...

yep. it snowed.


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