Monday, February 12, 2007

Immaculate Deskception

I’m rethinking the job in Columbia. First off, the job posting was from 1/22, which means if it’s not filled yet, it will need to be filled soon. And while our apartment complex won’t kill us with thousands of dollars of fines if we break our lease (we only need to come up with one month’s rent), we still can’t afford to move any time soon. Not only would we need to come up with an extra month’s rent, we need the first month’s rent for a new apartment, a security deposit, gas money to get down to SC (no small feat when you consider that one of the vehicles concerned is a U-Haul), a truck rental fee, and at least two weeks’ worth expense money (if not more) just to be safe. We just can’t afford that right now. It’ll take several months to save up that kind of money, and by that time the job in Columbia will be gone. And there’s no way I can make payments on rent in Columbia and rent in Indianapolis, if Erin were to stay to get our things in order until we can permanently move. I think that would cost even more than just plain moving.

That’s the practical part. Also, I just don’t want to live in Columbia. I know nothing about it besides the fact that it’s gray, dirty and there’s not much there. Greenville has a lot more to offer us, in a lot of ways (housing, culture, food, family, etc). So I’m not too disappointed that it really won’t work out practically.

It’s supposed to DUMP on us tomorrow, weather-wise. They’re calling for 8-12” and possibly up to 15” (I’ll believe that when I see it; Indiana forecasters seem to love to sing the DOOM chorus well before they know what the heck is going on for sure). They’re likening it to the snow we had in December ’04, which was my first big crazy snow… the one that shut down I-65 right before Christmas. I have asked a friend to give me a ride to work, as I am not driving in that bullshit… and as, to quote my facility manager, “we’re not in high school here, we don’t get a two hour delay or leave two hours early” (asshole, how demeaning of a comment is that?!), I need to make some kind of arrangement to get here. I may just end up taking a personal day. We’ll have to see. A few people thinks I’m stupid or crazy or a wuss, but you know, I’d rather them think that than me get stuck like I did last year. I’ll be glad to get back to Southern civilization, where people have the sense to get indoors and stay there when it snows. Don’t you people know that God makes it snow so we can stay home and appreciate it with some hot chocolate and movies watched in bed? Get with the program, people… Hoosiers! Jeez!

I had a decent weekend. Played some Diablo II, cleaned out my desk (this was a MAJOR undertaking). It seems like all the clutter from my life ends up shoved into my desk drawers. And Erin asked me to clean out one of my desk drawers so she’d have a space to store her school stuff, so I really had to throw away a lot of stuff. I didn’t mind, though. It was actually liberating after a little while… I would come to something that I hadn’t seen in months, and say to myself, “am I keeping this for a real, useful reason, or just because I’m a packrat and don’t like letting go of anything?” Then I’d dispose of (or store) the item accordingly, after I’d answered this poignant question. I filled up a WHOLE TRASH BAG with stuff from my desk! (And I threw it away, too!) And now everything’s organized and clean and not so damn cluttered. And Erin has her drawer too. So, I feel like I was very productive, which is always a good thing.

I also watched The Grammys last night, mainly to see The Police perform together for the first time in over 20 years. It was great… I hope they tour, I’d love to see them (provided they don’t charge the price of a Honda for a pair of tickets). The Grammys were ok… a little too much Justin Timberlake for me, but ok. I don’t mind his music, but in person he REALLY gets on my nerves… I just want to smack him in the face with a phone book. In other music news, NIN (one of my favorite bands) announced their new album will be released April 17th. Will we be attending the concerts? My friend, do pirates wear poofy shirts?

*sigh* Back to work for me… gotta make my desk immaculate in case I’m not here tomorrow… Happy Monday, everyone!



At 12:52 PM, Blogger Shelaine said...

You know, the snow of '04 is why Jo and I met! :)

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Brian (T.K.) said...

I am such a packrat too. We are moving to a house and now I am forced to look at all the random shit I have collected for three years and pull the trigger on wheter to chunk it. I feel your pain.

In other news it would be great to see you guys again. When you make it down give a ring.



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