Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snow day!

It’s snowing like crazy here. I’m so happy! I love snow. All my fellow Hoosiers think I’m crazy, but I still turn into a little kid when the snow starts coming down. All I want to do is run around in it, make snow angels, a snowman, snow forts and have snowball fights with my friends. I also love to walk around in the snow when it’s falling. It’s so quiet… like nature itself has been muffled. I think it’s amazing. Of course, I also love to watch the snow fall while I’m in bed in my pj’s drinking a hot mug of cocoa…

I remember when I was very small, it snowed... we have pictures. My dad made me an alligator out of snow once. I think I was about five. This was before global warming really geared up, remember. So there was actually snow in the South. It was over the tops of my boots... I remember making a snowman with my sister and then coming in to have hot chocolate and fresh snow cream.

May I just say, GRRR!! FUCKING GLOBAL WARMING. My kids might not have that opportunity... and that really bites.

So the Colts won the Super Bowl. Yippee! We watched the whole damn thing… from the terrible Cirque De Soleil performance at the pre-show to the presentation of the Vince Lombardi trophy to Tony Dungy after the game. I even watched the welcome-home pep rally last night to boot. It was a lot of fun. I made mini-pizzas and piglets in blankets (vegetarian AND carnivore versions). We had beer, I was moderately inebriated for most of the game… a good time was definitely had by all.

We had a good weekend. We bought a timed coffee maker (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post). We actually paid only $13 or so out of pocket for this really nice $130 model… at Macy’s! I had a gift card left over from Christmas, and they were having a sale, and they gave us an additional 25% off for inconveniencing us when their card reader wasn’t working and there was no instruction manual in the carton with the coffee maker. So… not bad huh? It’s a nice model, too. The past two days I’ve had coffee on my way in to work, and while I’m not an avid coffee drinker, it’s nice to have that extra kick in the morning.

Erin likes her new job. She’s been doing well with getting up early in the morning, too. I guess the coffee helps… that and we are going to bed hella-early. I don’t mind, I never get enough sleep it seems… but at the same time, it feels like our evenings have been cut REALLY short. We didn’t even watch Horatio last night (CSI: Miami, our shared guilty pleasure). Although… we did watch Heroes… damn, I wish I’d gotten into that show when it started. It’s really well done… I get sucked into it immediately.

Back to work for me… I want to have as much done as possible in case we leave early today because of the snow. Wheeee Hoooooooo!!



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