Monday, February 19, 2007

And the winner for the comment that generated the most laughter this weekend is...


This is an auditorily hilarious comment was made up this weekend, and every time I read it or say it, it makes me laugh. Something about the way the words sound together just slays me. It started with Normandy being coy at the door on Sunday for some reason. Then we started talking about what a coy whore she was… and how we should slap her around… but “slap” came out of Erin’s mouth as “slop” for some reason… so for the rest of the afternoon we talked about “slopping around that coy whore like she deserves…” LOL!

The weekend was good. We did NOT go see Murder By Death. That’s ok though, they should have another concert in Bloomington sometime soon. They normally do one to kick off a tour and another to celebrate the end of a tour, so we’ll catch them the next time they’re in town. Which is fine – it snowed another 4” on Saturday, and to tell the truth, I was relieved that I wasn’t going to have to ride with Norm driving for at least 2 hours while I was intoxicated.

We went to my company’s employee appreciation party this weekend, and had a good time. It was a casino night party, and there was plenty of gambling, food and booze… YAY! A great combination! I gave all my chips to Erin and let her gamble to her heart’s content. I was informed the next day that if we ever go to Vegas, I am to keep her on a tight leash (these are HER words!). But anyway, we had fun.

I got my first Gunslinger Born comic book this weekend, and read it from cover to cover in about twenty minutes. It’s good. I wish that these guys would just go through the whole series like this. It would be interesting to see their visualization of Roland’s journey, from start to finish. The next book is supposed to be about Roland’s trip to Mejis, where he meets Susan Delgado and falls in love (almost the entire story of Book IV: Wizard and Glass). I wonder if it’s going to be as short as this one? Seems like a lot of story to squeeze into one little comic book.

It’s time for a good movie to come out. What’s coming out soon? I know Ghost Rider came out this weekend, but I don’t think I could get Erin to go see it. I think there’s something good coming out in March… I know “300” is coming out then, but I’m not sure I can get her to go see that, either. *sigh* Time for something good! I can’t wait ‘til May, when Spider-Man 3 AND Pirates 3 comes out! That’ll be a stellar movie month! YAY!!

OK, I better get back to work… sorry I only posted once last week. I'll try to do better this week.



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How could she not want to go see the "dudity" in 300?

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