Monday, March 05, 2007

Personal Universe Update

Been two weeks since my last post… sorry for the lapse, I’ve just been busy and/or bored with blogging. This is what happens with web journals, I get bored and forget about posting, or can’t think of anything to post. Anyway, here’s an update on what’s been going on in my little corner of the universe…

We watched the Oscars from beginning to end. It’s our little tradition… we get fruit and cheese and wine and pretend to be pretentious and artsy and get tipsy and giggle all night. A lot of fun! There were a couple of surprises this year, but I am really kind of disappointed that The Departed won for best picture. I understand that Martin Scorsese is a very important filmmaker, but I didn’t care for that particular movie all that much. It might have been Leo, whom I want to punch in the face every time I see him. But generally I like Matt Damon and I love Jack Nicholson, so I don’t know. It just felt slow to me… I know most everyone will disagree with me on that, but hey, that’s why it’s great to live in America, right? We all have an opinion, we are all allowed to express our individual opinions, and we’re all going to get pissed off that we don’t all agree with each other.

Last week was kind of a slow week. The reason I know that is because I can barely remember it… which means I was either drunk a lot or it was a boring time. Since I know I wasn’t drunk… well, you get the idea.

This weekend was a good one. We got so much done!! We had sushi Friday night (Asaka – YUM!), went to lunch with Erin’s dad on Saturday, did laundry, went to Target, saw a movie, went to Eagle Creek park, spent some quality time with our roommate, AND we adopted a kitten! I love weekends like that… they simultaneously seem to last forever and fly by. I wish I could be on permanent weekend status. It was so hard to come to work this morning!

We named our new kitty Max, after Max from Where the Wild Things Are (we're still debating the name - at first we were thinking about Jack, after Jack Sparrow, as he kind of is a little pirate). He is definitely a wild thing. He’s tiny – about eight weeks old. He has great big ears and feet that he needs to grow into, and he’s a brown and gray tabby with a lot of white on him. He alternately bounces off the walls and is very sweet and snuggly… now if only we could get him to be sweet and snuggly in a continuous block while we’re sleeping… LOL! Here’s a picture of the little scalawag:

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We’re also gearing up for our trip to SC in a couple of weeks for St. Patrick’s Day. Some friends of ours in Florence are having a big party and we’ve been invited. We’re so excited! I think just the idea of getting away, even for a weekend, has made us both so happy that we can barely stand it. We’ve already gone shopping and gotten party favors (gold pieces, green beads, shot glasses, etc) and I’m planning a recipe for “shamrock juice”… an alcoholic beverage like no other. Oh, are we gonna be drunk as hell? You better believe it.

Anyway, that’s all for now… gotta get back to work. Take care, all!



At 11:54 AM, Blogger DNR said...

Max is cool!! I like Jack better though... Really like Sparrow, that would be a cool name for a cat.

I love weeke ends like that too, wish there were more.


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