Monday, April 30, 2007


Not much new here. Still slogging away at the same old job. I’ve discovered a new tactic to keep me from reaching out and grabbing my supervisor’s head and slamming it as hard as I can into the surface of her desk: I recite the times tables in my head while she’s talking. Now when she’s telling me for the thousandth time how to do my job in the most patronizing voice she has, talking to me as if I were a retarded second grader, I simply smile and think to myself, “two times two is four. Two times three is six. Two times four is eight. Two times five is ten. Two times six is…” well, you get the idea. Who knew math would come in handy like this?

The weight loss is continuing. I’ve lost about thirty pounds. This weekend I strayed, a little, as my mom was in town. We went out to dinner a couple nights in a row and I ended up consuming more calories than usual. I’m hoping it won’t make too much of a dent in my progress. I am back on the bandwagon today, though. I'll be working my booty off in the fitness center tonight. I bought myself some comfy new walking shoes and they’re great. I’m not having nearly the amount of joint pain I was having before when I was walking in my old worn-out slip on tennis shoes from Wal-Mart.

In less than a month my friend Shane is coming to visit. He’ll be here over Memorial Day weekend. Yippeee! We’re going to take him to Chicago and do lots of fun stuff. I’m counting the days…

Spidey 3 comes out on Friday… FINALLY!!! WOO HOO!!!

That’s all I can think of for now. Sorry about the completely boring entry. Back to the grind… *sigh*



At 4:19 PM, Blogger Little Miss Scare All said...

I usually just say the serenity prayer, it calms me instantly

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

you're totally right about the shoes. happy feet make everything else happy too. btw - thanks for the math trick. I think that I might actually be able to do that with a smile and nod at the same time :)


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