Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hump day ramblings

Well, I didn’t get the NAC job. Ah well. I’m not too upset about it, actually. I was when I first found out, mostly because of the way my boss handled it (I found out by accident that it had gone to someone else, and then I found out that my boss had lied to me about whether or not she knew about the status of the job). But I’ve had a few days to process and think about it, and I’m ok with it. I’m just taking it as another sign that soon it will be time to pull up stakes and head south. I know we have our faults… I know that Southerners can be backwards, narrow-minded, and ignorant sometimes… but I’ve found far more two-faced individuals up here in Indiana than I knew back home. Or maybe that’s just Corporate America… probably a combination of the two.

It’s really also another indication of how different the company has become from the one that I fell in love with working for a couple of years ago… I have no doubt that if the same people were running the company in the same way they were back then, things would have been handled MUCH differently… but, c’est la vie. Live and learn, right? And I’ve learned… mostly not to trust managers, but hey, I should have known that one already, right? Let’s call this one a refresher course.

Otherwise, I’m doing all right. The weight loss is going well. I’ve lost 22 pounds so far. It’s getting hard – I’m restricting myself to 1200-1500 calories a day and forcing myself to exercise six days a week (I would do every day if my body could handle it, and when I get to the point where my joints don’t ache all the time and need a break once a week, I am going to push myself up to daily exercise), but I am determined. I bought myself a little MP3 player and I listen to it while I walk. I start strenth training this week – more muscle mass burns fat faster. I’ve gained two holes in my belt, and my watch, which was too tight when I got it as a gift at Christmas, spins around on my wrist now. I haven’t had any Coke at all in almost a MONTH!! I’m still having trouble believing in myself – but I’m dealing with that too. All in all, I think it’s going well.

My mom is coming to visit next week. I’m excited! I can’t wait to see her. She’s arriving the afternoon of the 26th and leaving that Sunday, the 29th. We’re gonna have a good visit. I don’t know what we’re going to do, but the way me and my mom are, we can just sit around and play cards and watch movies for three days and still have a fabulous time… I just wish I could see her more often.

I’ve started thinking about the martial arts class I want to take, and I’m doing some research. I’ve decided that the best way to choose is to narrow down the things I want to take away from the class. So far I’ve determined that this is what I’m looking for:

1. A class that will give me a good workout (I want to incorporate this into my exercise routine).
2. Something that isn’t too complicated, but is still powerful.
3. Traditional, but not stuffy. Something REAL. Not fricking Tae Bo, for God’s sake.
4. It needs to be forgiving of my weight (at least at first) and the fact that I’m relatively unsteady while on one foot (important to kicking!).
5. Something that will help me improve my balance so I’m not so unsteady on one foot.
6. A class that is more about punching than kicking, if possible.
7. Something that will also help me improve my strength and flexibility.
8. A class that will help me be more sure of myself, and feel as if I can handle myself in any situation – from self defense to kicking a little ass in a mosh pit, if needed.
9. Something to help me improve my confidence.
10. And as always, it needs to be affordable – PLEASE!

Anybody out there got any suggestions? I’ve narrowed down these needs/wants, now I don’t know where to go with them. I’ve got a friend in Florence who is all about martial arts – maybe I’ll send him this list and see what he thinks.

It’s finally warming up here and it’s becoming a beautiful spring. We had snow this weekend. SNOW!! In the middle of APRIL!! Jesus Christ! Indiana has the weirdest fricking weather I’ve ever seen! But at least it’s finally getting warm, things are blooming (ah-choo!), and the grass is that beautiful shade of spring green. Before too long, summer will be here. I hope to get a bike or something that I can exercise outside with this summer. That and any time spent outside is good time spent.

Sorry about all the exercise/diet talk, it’s just a big part of my life right now.

Well, duty calls. Back to the grind. Until next time…



At 2:25 PM, Blogger Little Miss Scare All said...

I'm so proud of you!!! I bet you feel more healthy and alive don't you? For me, getting pregnant has been my health's savior! I'm one pound less than my pre-pregnancy weight, so once I pop out this gorilla I'll be looking svelte as well. But, really, its great that you've done so well. Spring is good for life changes :)

At 7:31 PM, Blogger B Matthews said...

That's awesome! Way to go!

I am feeling more determined than anything. I haven't noticed much of a change in my general health feelings, but then I can't see much of a difference when I look in the mirror yet. But the little things like the belt holes and my watch being loose prove that it's happening. That, and the decreasing number on the scale.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. They mean A LOT!!! :-)


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