Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I hate the damn internet sometimes. I've had to change my settings to moderate comments before they're posted, because I got two comments in one night that were asking me for money and to add them to my blogroll. And, the comments were in a (mostly) foreign language, German I think, with just enough English in them to get their point across. ARRRGH! While I can see how the internet shows how far we've come communications-wise sometimes, it really does show off how shitty us humans can be sometimes - spam, internet scams, hackers, perverts... it's like some kind of breeding ground for the dregs of society, sometimes.

So, the upshot of it is, if you leave a comment, I have to approve it first, because it took me forever to get the stupid German spam comment deleted, and life's too short. Don't worry, though - I'll approve your comment as quickly as I possibly can.


At 9:12 AM, Blogger DNR said...


I've been approved!!!

So far, I've just put up with it. Had one comment that was someone’s manifesto. It was 96 pages in Word!! All kinds of 'killing us all", 'jihad', and 'infidel' stuff. It was almost entertaining but I deleted it none the less.


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