Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Haiku Wednesday

The theme this week is "Winter". Here are my offerings for Sparrow's haiku contest:

Blanket all the green
with a creeping shawl of gray.
Warmth – a distant dream.

Hot chocolate and
blankets bunched around your legs;
fires crackle, snow falls.

Snow angels made in
the blue light of winter dusk…
steal a secret kiss.

Wake up, look outside…
joyous shouts ring through the house.
Snow day! Let’s go out!

You can vote for your favorite haiku starting tomorrow on Sparrow's blog. The voting will end Friday morning at 9 am. Remember, the winner gets to send a deluxe care package to the soldier of their choice. I don't care if you vote for mine or not... vote for your favorite!


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