Thursday, February 07, 2008

The French beheaded people for less than this...

I made a realization today, and put it into quote form:

"Democracy: The clever curtain rich men hide behind."

Democracy has ceased to mean a lot in this country. Yeah, sure, we vote our officials into office. But who cares? The candidates have to have millions of dollars to even show up as a blip on the radar of your average voter. America has stopped being the harbor of truth and justice and has become a creature born of the Almighty Dollar.

Remember when gas was less than $2 a gallon? Hell, remember when it was less than $1? I sure as hell do. I was 17 when I got my driver's license and gas was .78 a gallon. I could fill up the tank on my big old piece of shit land yacht for less than twenty bucks, and with a little pocket change buy a pack of cigarettes and a Coke. Now you practically have to take out a second mortgage to gas up your car. Lots of factors contribute to this, but the man factor is this: GREED.

I think acquiring money has become nothing more than a hobby for people like George W. Bush and the assholes who rode the crashing surf of Enron down to the proverbial shore. I mean, really, how much money do you need anyway? Do you really need enough to buy a mansion (one of six) in a gated community that allows enough tarmac and parking for your own personal jumbo jet, John Travolta? I mean... damn! WHO NEEDS THAT? Our greed has become so ridiculous that it's made us into the fucksticks of the planet.

Remember Louis XIV? Remember Marie Antionette? Do you know why they died with their heads in baskets, blinking up at their dismembered bodies? It's because they spent too much. They used too much. They stopped caring about the everyday person in the ghetto, on the street corner, in the shop, in the cottage. They stopped remembering that they were there to set an example of generosity, kindness, and whole spirit. But, alas, this is the fallacy of monarchy... the people have someone to directly blame for the plague on their hearthstone and the shit on their knees. Here in America, who do we have to blame for the price of gas? The money spent on a ridiculous war that should never have been started in the first place? The prices charged for prescription medication? The bills that come due for medical treatment?

Pay no attention to those men behind the curtain!!!!!!! Men in Hugo Boss suits, with Mark Cross briefcases, with Rolexes, with seven figure salaries, with eight houses, with more money than they could possibly know what to do with! Pay no attention to them - they're not responsible for anything! Certainly they're not responsible for the laser show, lights, mirrors and smokescreen that the laughingstock American politics has become!

Sacre bleu!