Thursday, December 06, 2007

Smart Macros

By now I'm sure you're familiar with lolcats, the cat macros that butcher grammar and spelling and show cats (and birds and dogs and walruses) in varying anthropomorphic poses. For instance, you could have a picture of your cat with its paw on your computer's mouse, looking at the screen with a picture of an lolcat displayed, and it might say "Im on ur internetz, makin u laff".

I've found a lot of them that make me REALLY laugh - the ones that get me good are the ones that are kind of bizarre, but still hilarious. However I have found that I really enjoy what I like to call Smart Macros, which require a little more thought than your average lolcat picture. Macros like this one, regarding Yeats' poem "The Second Coming":

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... I love that poem.

Here's another one for you:

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Just in case you're wondering what a palindrome is...

Smart Macros... make you think and laugh at the same time... what a concept!


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