Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Party.

It went well. We had around 30 people, and we'd been so very concerned about space, but we weren't betting that a lot of people would want to stand around at the fire pit. So we had PLENTY of space. People started arriving a little before 8, and I made the punch (Shamrock Juice) which went over well. We played Power Hour starting at about 10. It was the best power hour I've probably ever done - we had almost 20 people playing at one point - and everyone got pretty 'faced. Then we all just hung out for a while and I tried to sober up so I could MC the air guitar contest.

The contest went well, though I learned a few things from this year that will help with next year (if we decide to do the air guitar contest again): 1. Don't do Power Hour and an air guitar contest in the same night. Power Hour is an event unto itself and deserves more respect. 2. Make the clips shorter. The clips were between 1:20 and 2:00 long, and the contestants got really tired (and so did the crowd). 3. Have it earlier in the evening so more people can participate - we didn't start until after midnight. 4. Remember to take lots of pictures - not just video.

Crunchy won the air guitar contest! GO CRUNCHY! He was the dark horse from the beginning, but he rocked so hard. He did "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath and managed to get his crotch in each judge's face - that would've been less points from me, but they loved it, so I guess it's good I was just the MC huh? He actually tied with Avery and there was a sudden death playoff - "Crazy Train" by Ozzy. At the beginning of the clip, Crunchy...

(it would behoove me to tell you at this time that we had several souvenirs for our guests to take home - green beads, plastic shot glasses, bracelets, and so on. One of the things we found were these little rubber ducks that were white or green with shamrocks on them.)

...waited for the music to start, then pulled a duck out of his pocket, squeezed it really hard like a lunatic, and then bit its head off and spat it at Curt (one of the judges). It was AWESOME. So he won the prize, which was the air guitar listed in an earlier post, plus a pair of "ShamRockStar" sunglasses, with the lenses shaped like green shamrocks, and a white t-shirt that says in sparkly green letters - "SHAM ROCKIN'". He was beside himself with glee. I was beside myself with drunkenness and glee. There was a lot of beer and glee involved.

After the contest I don't remember much - people cleared out pretty quickly as it was close to 2 am and people were tired from drinking and yelling so much at the contest. I stayed out on the back porch with Curt and got trashed. It was awesome. We didn't go to bed until almost five.

2nd Annual St. Patty's Day party - the legacy of the SPDP lives on. ERIN GO BRAGH!!!


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